Words Are Seeds

Here is a line that I heard and I like, ” faith will not work in an unforgiving hart

Faith is a very important part of my life, I must have faith that the work that I am doing will produce good results. Vocabulary is how I learn [words and my understanding of them] therefore I must be careful not only of the words that I speek to myself and others but also of the words I read and the people that I talk with.  ANGRY MAN 1

Everything in this world revolves around  vocabulary ie; my understanding of the words I speak and the words that I read and listen to. “Words are seeds” what am I planting?

I must pratice, pratice, practice having a forgiving hart so that I can develope the faith that I need to be the best me that I can be, and effort with use of the proper tools will generate success.

I must remember that my attitude of forgiveness removes the character defects of others.


rows flowers

A seed is planted and a person, a tree, a flower, an animal , an idea and even a business is born.  

What seeds have been planted in your life or your mind, what seeds have you planted, ideas in other people, vegetables or flowers in a garden.

All living things on this earth, as far as I know any way began with a seed being planted and nourished. 

The results are usually determined by my actions after the planting is done, would you agree?

Question; If I plant a tree how tall will it grow?
Answer; As tall as it can, it all (for the most part) depends on me.                                                                                    

My Vision

My Vision

(Like me a work in progress)

Beach Home

Although weary after my 30-day worldwide tour visiting my networking  partners I have a wonderful inner peace and calm knowing that at long last I am free in every sense of the word and enjoying the lifestyle that I once thought only remotely  possible. What a joy it is to have worked with and helped to develop leaders around the world who have built business’s that freed their family’s and mine from ever again having any money concerns. That allows such freedom to give, to receive, to share, to live, to laugh and to love. Reflecting on this makes even more delightful the feel of the warm salt air breeze as it flows around the three-sided porch of this cozy Cape Cod style beach home. Ah! The smell of freshly cooked bacon, eggs and hash brown potatoes just caught my attention; it must be that pretty wife of mine fixing breakfast for the gang. What a wonderful day it was when I met her, my life improved by immeasurable amounts, she has a way of making me feel young and full of life, together we are a dynamic team and have helped to create some of the best business leaders in the world. The distant sound of sea gulls together with the powerful breaking of the waves on the beach mixes perfectly with the laughter as my children and grandchildren play in the surf. Just to think that only a few short months ago this was all just a dream, a vision that gave me chills as I read and envisioned it and now it is reality. The natural high that comes from success makes rocking in this hammock feel like flying, I can see the nose of my shiny black Lexus out of the corner of my eye, parked in the driveway just waiting to get moving again like a lioness crouched ready to attack her prey, but that must wait because the next 30 days is family vacation time and because my business has a life of its own and expands limitlessly without me, I can rest without stress, in fact the momentum is so great that people now come to me daily asking to join our business in fact over 100 people join my business every day knowing that our team can be a catalyst for their success. I thank GOD every day that I was able to finally learn success principles that would catapult me to the top of my business and that I am able to teach these principles to anyone else who has the desire and help them achieve the success that they want.

Bob Haskell


What To Post?

I am sure that it is lack of self-confidence that causes me to be hesitant when it comes to writing a blog post.

Being that I have been an introvert all of my life and pretty much paralyzed with fear and unable to put my thoughts into understandable text or vocal expression. (wow! did I just say that?) I do have difficulty writing blogs, well, not so much writing them but rather leaving them posted and not deleting them.

So, I have decided to do what I have done on past occasions when all else even my own genius mind and ability failed me, I have decided to read the directions, YUCK!

Problem is that I want to be a pro right now and learning via the directions takes time.

This is short but it’s a start here is where I am learning now.

Why Would Anyone…

There are so many “Home Based Businesses” why would anyone want to get tangled up in that confusion?

To me it is very difficult to choose which to go with but, there are a few things that I look for and when I find them I have to have faith that my judgement was correct and that my choice was a good one.

First is the pay plan; I do not like to have to wait 30 or 45 days to get paid, I want my money right away.
Direct Sales is a difficult business for most people I believe it involves hard work to be successful, like it or not the fact is that in any business no money is made until some sort of product or service is bought and sold.

I did find a business with a pay plan that I like quite a bit, parts of it are copyrighted so that it cannot be duplicated or copied, it is a matrix which I like and I can get paid pretty quickly. Not only that but, it is free to join and they will pay 20% commission on sales.

I think the one issue is good and bad, free to join and still get 20% commissions is good but my some who join a free business are looking for something for nothing and that is not so good, but, I feel that with this company most will get excited once they understand how it works. Oh yea I almost forgot, the products are pretty awesome also.

Click here if you would like to check it out the price is $0 so what do you have to loose.

Take a peek   I keep Looking BUTleave me a comment and a link and I would love to see what you are doing.

My Vision (goals)


Years ago I listened to a training by John Milton Fog

Writing out my vision and reading it every day until it becomes reality.

As with many other success principles that I have read about or listened to through the years, my typical behavior working through these programs was to be consistently inconsistent and prideful, which actually did nothing to bring my vision into reality.

Now, who would have surmised that?  Man Oh Well

He implied that first I should have a firm idea of my goals and where I would like my life to be in x number of years.

This should include but not be limited to Relationships, spirituality, financially and any other areas of personal importance.

This vision should be written in present tense, as though it is already happening, I should use very emotionally detailed wording and try to actually bring about the feelings as I am reading it.

I should also find pictures to support my vision which will help to magnify the emotion, it could very well depend on the emotion generated in me as I read and feel my vision which will determine whether or not it becomes reality therefore it must be believable and not too farfetched.

Please respond and let me know if this is beginning to make any sense to you as your feedback helps me I am a blogging newbie

I will be revising my vision this week and I will share it with you either as I go or when it is complete.

There are many lessons that I have learned in this industry that I was introduced to back in 1981 when I was at a very low point in my life.

First I had to open my mind to the possibilities and become teachable, there was so much to learn. And there is so much more yet to learn.

Pat K. taught me the red tie“jump through the window” method and it works very well. window 2You will love it.

“Quick on opinion, slow on research” Bob Haskell

I learned that I had options.

I could put aside predigests, Pride, Ego and Bad Attitude, and open my mind to the possibilities, learn to think like a businessman or, continue to struggle, remain broke and angry at the world.

It was up to me, no one else but me.

William James wrote, “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation”

Something that I needed to change and did, I was quick on opinions based on hearsay not actual research

This is only my experience and probably does not apply to anyone else  thumb-p042<= click!!

There is no security on this earth-only opportunity.